Renovation and expansion of Horizon International Bilingual School

 Hoziron International Bilingual School renovation and expansion project

Hoziron International Bilingual School is one of the bilingual international schools that many parents trust and choose for their children. Being famous for its modern facilities, which are designed according to the school's philosophy and expectations to meet the international and Vietnamese curriculum.

In March 2013, Ngoc Xanh Construction Joint Stock Company was selected by Hoziron school to renovate and expand the school for the purpose of being used as an international school from kindergarten to high school.

 Old and degraded 3-storey building

Bên trong ẩm mốc

Moldy inside

After Ngoc Xanh Company repair and renovate the 3-storey building and surrounding infrastructure, Hoziron school has a completely new look.

Diện mạo mới của Hoziron sau khi được tu sửa

Hoziron's new look after renovation

 The hall inside is spacious, friendly to the students

Thư viện rộng rãi, bố trí và sắp đặt hợp lý cho các em học sinh

Spacious libraries, well- arranged to help students improve their awareness