Summer Travel 2017

Although it is not the first trip for the whole company employees, but everyone was excited as it was the first time. Thanks to having chance to meet all the people, being together for fun and experiencing, especially this year, people are traveling by plane and it is the first  experience with many people.

We have real tour experiences with Da Nang - Hoi An - Cham Island, 4 days 3 nights with the activities: swimming, football, visiting the ancient town of Hoi An, Assembly Night market, dinner at floating boat restaurant on Han River, explore Cu Lao Cham island ...

First of all, the feeling of being on the plane, everyone was excited about preparing for the plane, then the plane took off and finally landed. Feeling that i was floating in the sky was looking at the sky at a distance to beholding the scenery of a comprehensive way that previously only seen on television, pictures.

We had the experience to visit Son Tra Peninsula. Named as the jewel of Danang. Visiting Linh Ung Tu – where there is the 67m high Buddha statue in Vietnam. The temple has a monumental architecture, unique style with a modern style combined with traditional inheritance of the temple Vietnam.

If anyone has ever come to Cu Lao Cham, no one will forget the feeling being relaxed and can be called "Adventure with high speed boat". This place has so many surprising and interesting things: "It is strictly prohibited to use bao ny long"; Seafood is delicious, fresh green reasonable price, ancient wells, especially corals. We had the experience of diving, watching coral reefs in the sea bed.

There are so many first times to do it, there are too many levels of emotions, there are so many interesting things to be useful after 4 days of fun, explore and everyone is attached to do, not to want to leave. Hope to gather here again.