End Year Party 2017

So we have completed the work of 2017. We gathered again in Hanoi to attend the closing ceremony of the company's activities in the past year.

This year's clip was assigned to Miss Alex who is a graphic expert. She did pretty well e though she was an office staff.

This year, the number of participants has increased significantly compared to 2016, there are many leaders of the new workers for the first meeting of the company. At the same time, this year, the company has set up an interior workshop, and all of them have gathered and gathered together.

This year's impression is the number of works increased a lot, the progress of large works. However, with the effort, solidarity, we have basically completed the plan set out without any significant incident.

Each year the company selects a character of the year, last year is Mr Toi receive the decision to be The Deputy Director. This year, the selected character is Mr Viet as economic division, payment and settlement officer. That is the result of each individual after a lot of continuous effort in several years.

This year's Tet gift for everyone is also very special, it is the bottle of Ta Van plum syrup by Ms Bich (Chief of administration Management) in charge of purchasing and processing, accompanied by the meat is packed vacuum to the family sipping in the traditional New Year.

Closing in 2017 with many events and imprints. Wish for 2018 to develop strongly, sustainably.