Phu Long- Cat Ba Station Construction site

The visit of the Company's BOD on the Construction site of Phu Long Cat Ba Station in Hai Phong was impressive and memorable. It was April 29, 2019 (just before the Liberation Day April 30 and Labor Day May 1). Predicting the situation of traffic congestion that would occur, especially at the Dinh Vu ferry station, the leaders asked us to depart early but could not avoid waiting to pass the ferry.

Our team went straight to the construction site in steamy hot weather - around 37, 38 Celsius degrees. Project Steering Committee welcomed the leaders of the company right on the construction site. Knowing that the difficult conditions of the construction site but only by witness, we can understand more. (Materials transportation need to across rivers by ferries, scarce fresh water for construction works, all workers coming from mainland provinces). While the Investor's request is to speed up the construction progress, ensure the quality and labor safety, so all staff on the construction site need to work all day and night, under the raining and sunny weather to work to meet the schedule of the signed contract.

At the end of the meeting, we enjoy together a friendly dinner that lasted less than 30 minutes, with a shot of wine and a rice bowl to catch the last ferry to Hanoi. Construction team will take relaxed after hard working days to prepare for another busy day on the construction site of Phu Long Station.