1. Phu Long- Cat Ba Station Construction site

The visit of the Company's BOD on the Construction site of Phu Long Cat Ba Station in Hai Phong was impressive and memorable. It was April 29, 2019 (just before the Liberation Day April 30 and Labor Day May 1). Predicting the situation of traffic congestion that would occur, especially at the Dinh Vu ferry station, the leaders asked us to depart early but could not avoid waiting to pass the ferry.

Our team went straight to the construction site in steamy hot weather - around 37, 38 Celsius degrees. Project Steering Committee welcomed the leaders of the company right on the construction site. Knowing that the difficult conditions of the construction site but only by witness, we can understand more. (Materials transportation need to across rivers by ferries, scarce fresh water for construction works, all workers coming from mainland provinces). While the Investor's request is to speed up the construction progress, ensure the quality and labor safety, so all staff on the construction site need to work all day and night, under the raining and sunny weather to work to meet the schedule of the signed contract.

At the end of the meeting, we enjoy together a friendly dinner that lasted less than 30 minutes, with a shot of wine and a rice bowl to catch the last ferry to Hanoi. Construction team will take relaxed after hard working days to prepare for another busy day on the construction site of Phu Long Station.

2. End Year Party 2017

So we have completed the work of 2017. We gathered again in Hanoi to attend the closing ceremony of the company's activities in the past year.

This year's clip was assigned to Miss Alex who is a graphic expert. She did pretty well e though she was an office staff.

This year, the number of participants has increased significantly compared to 2016, there are many leaders of the new workers for the first meeting of the company. At the same time, this year, the company has set up an interior workshop, and all of them have gathered and gathered together.

This year's impression is the number of works increased a lot, the progress of large works. However, with the effort, solidarity, we have basically completed the plan set out without any significant incident.

Each year the company selects a character of the year, last year is Mr Toi receive the decision to be The Deputy Director. This year, the selected character is Mr Viet as economic division, payment and settlement officer. That is the result of each individual after a lot of continuous effort in several years.

This year's Tet gift for everyone is also very special, it is the bottle of Ta Van plum syrup by Ms Bich (Chief of administration Management) in charge of purchasing and processing, accompanied by the meat is packed vacuum to the family sipping in the traditional New Year.

Closing in 2017 with many events and imprints. Wish for 2018 to develop strongly, sustainably.

3. Summer Travel 2017

Although it is not the first trip for the whole company employees, but everyone was excited as it was the first time. Thanks to having chance to meet all the people, being together for fun and experiencing, especially this year, people are traveling by plane and it is the first  experience with many people.

We have real tour experiences with Da Nang - Hoi An - Cham Island, 4 days 3 nights with the activities: swimming, football, visiting the ancient town of Hoi An, Assembly Night market, dinner at floating boat restaurant on Han River, explore Cu Lao Cham island ...

First of all, the feeling of being on the plane, everyone was excited about preparing for the plane, then the plane took off and finally landed. Feeling that i was floating in the sky was looking at the sky at a distance to beholding the scenery of a comprehensive way that previously only seen on television, pictures.

We had the experience to visit Son Tra Peninsula. Named as the jewel of Danang. Visiting Linh Ung Tu – where there is the 67m high Buddha statue in Vietnam. The temple has a monumental architecture, unique style with a modern style combined with traditional inheritance of the temple Vietnam.

If anyone has ever come to Cu Lao Cham, no one will forget the feeling being relaxed and can be called "Adventure with high speed boat". This place has so many surprising and interesting things: "It is strictly prohibited to use bao ny long"; Seafood is delicious, fresh green reasonable price, ancient wells, especially corals. We had the experience of diving, watching coral reefs in the sea bed.

There are so many first times to do it, there are too many levels of emotions, there are so many interesting things to be useful after 4 days of fun, explore and everyone is attached to do, not to want to leave. Hope to gather here again.

4. End Year Party 2016

This year, after many discussions, we decided to choose La Vong Restaurant to be the place to summarize the activities in 2016.

Attending the review, there were full of staffs and team leaders in the company as usual annual.

Thanks to Engineer Hiep for his dedication to make a clip on the company's activities in the year of the show for all to see, the impressive moment this year is the snow fall covered the Ngoc Xanh Works Construction in SaPa.

2016 is considered to be an outstanding year for the company. The company won many large-scale projects and complex properties such as SaPa Bus Station, new items of the 5 * Silk Path Hotel project, the Z125 Plant ... I also have overcome difficult times due to nature caused as the cold under 0 degree C, fog, ... and meet the requirements of progress, quality which we have committed to partners.

Also in the closing ceremony, the company rewarded excellent individuals in 2016 and presented gifts to all staffs of the company.

At the conclusion of the meeting, everyone was happy to welcome the Lunar New Year together with family after a year of hard working and enthusiasm. We did not forget to send each other good best wishes for good health and prosperity New Year.

5. Summer Holidays July - 2016

This is the first time the company held a holiday for all employees of the company. After the heated discussions, people decided to go to Ha Long - Cat Ba. Really this is a great choice for the trip.

We have had the whole tour and experience about Ha Long Bay, there are many funny activities, bathing, singing ... very interesting.

At night, we attended events, activities at Ocean Park of the Sun Group which has just opened. We were really impressed by the works, the products they made. Sitting on the Sun Ring to see the whole of Ha Long will be an unforgettable experience.

We had a day of exploring Cat Ba Island, the largest island in nearly 2,000 islands in Ha Long Bay, the world biosphere reserve. It must be said that the seafood here is wonderful.

After 4 days of playing, discovering and experiencing, we said goodbye to Quang Ninh and Hai Phong to return to work. Everyone is hoping to have a day to come back here.

6. Sapa Ngoc Xanh league Football 2016

Have you ever played football on a mini grass field, surrounded by mountains, next to a stream of torrential water? This is an artificial football field located in Lao Chai commune, SaPa district and this is also where we hold the Sapa Ngoc Xanh league Football 2016.

Participants in the league are engineers, workers of the Ngoc Xanh and partners of the Ngoc Xanh in SaPa.

The league consists of 6 teams, divided into 2 groups, after qualifying to the semi-finals, 2 teams lost semi-finals third prize. The final game is the dramatic finale. Finally, the team "Ngoc Xanh 1 - Team Ngoc Xanh" has won the championship worthy.

At the end of the tournament, the Company Representative presented the prizes to the teams before organizing the whole party and their partners. Looking forward to having a next league with exciting and memorable matches.

7. Opening of Ngoc Xanh Sa Pa Library

After many efforts of all leaders and technical staff of the Sa Pa Area Project Management Board, on December, 10th, 2016, we are pleased to announce Ngoc Xanh Sa Pa Library .

Located on the 4th floor of the Project Management Board, after more than ten days of ground construction, preparation of bookshelves, tables, chairs, decorations ..., the bold library of construction works also completed. Although simple but the care of the brothers should look clean spacious, where it is. The titles are carefully selected from the company library, from the contribution of the technical brothers. The library is where you cultivate knowledge, expand your knowledge through the pages; It is the space where the brothers meet, discuss issues from the story, themselves to the society; It is the place to deposit private corners for each person.

Attending the opening ceremony was a delegation of leaders of the company, guests are representatives of the Board and the supervision consultant project Sa Pa Silk Path Resort together with all technical staff. Standing in the barbecue of Sa Pa is the voice of people in the majestic space of Sa Pa mountain, bring the excitement and unforgettable experience of the brothers.

8. Ngoc Xanh English class

English is an important language in communication and in work. Recognizing the weakness in the use of English by technical staff in the Company, the management team has invested in English classes in SaPa - where a large number of foreigners live and travel.

The main classroom is the library room, the teacher is Ms Ly, the English teacher of SaPa high school. To persuade Ms. Ly to teach us, Mr Lan had to present her ideas to her and invite her to the classroom when she agreed. Ms. Ly is very cheerful, but she is quite strict during class.

The class provided basic knowledge to the trainees, so for the trainees who are already qualified, this is also an opportunity to forge and improve their abilities.

So we, in addition to the stressful working hours at the site, have added interesting activities and study..

9. End Year Party 2015

This year, we decided to choose Cong Doan Quang Ba Hotel as the place to summarize the activities in 2015. This hotel is also the first hotel project with the participation of officers and workers of Ngoc Xanh.

Attending the review, there were full of all the people in the company (Some working people had online meting from distance ). SaPa team must depart at night time to attend.

There are many signs of the 2015 but prominent is still the completion of Fansipan cable railway station of Sun Group, a project with many features, the project was launched on December 24th, 2015 (lunar calendar) and received two world records. In addition, winning the 5 * Silk Path hotel and resort project is also a signal for the next development of the company. Together with Vinaconex 7, we have overcome many big competitors to win the project. This includes the Ho Chi Minh Museum Company.

Saying goodbye to everyone and wish them good luck in coming back home to celebrate Tet together with their families. Wish every family a security, good health and prosperity New Year.